Steve Allen Construction, Inc. is no newcomer to the construction business. We’ve spent 35 years perfecting the art of framing carpentry and exterior and interior trim carpentry. Not sure what that entails? Here’s a brief summary:

Carpentry is the construction and repair of building materials that make up framework or structures. These building materials aren’t just wood either. Today, carpentry can involve things such as PVC, fiberglass and other specialty products.

We specialize in both exterior and interior trim carpentry, which means we create things such as baseboards, roofing and any other finishing accent inside or outside of the home. Within this category, we do rough (or wood) carpentry, finish carpentry and shop carpentry.


Framing carpentry on the other hand is the assembly of the building’s support system. We create the wooden structures that give shape and support to our projects. This includes everything from walls to staircases to any other architectural details that need to be completed.

Given our 35 years plus of experience in these areas, we saw no reason for limiting ourselves. Whether you have a simple home renovation or plans to build a new community center, we can do it all. We are fully equipped with our own heavy equipment which is not only convenient but cost effective too.


Steve Allen Construction also has the convenience of a full time staff that includes project managers, supervisors, a safety director and an estimator. We also proudly perform 100 percent labor on all of our projects.

What does this experience, equipment and exceptional staff amount to? It guarantees that we deliver quality and timeliness on all of our projects. So go ahead and give us a call for an estimate on your next renovation or construction idea in the Ocala or Central Florida area. We’re happy to help.