Hardwood vs. Softwood

Hardwood vs. Softwood: Your One-Stop Guide

When it comes to building wooden structures, you basically have two options: hardwood or softwood. Despite the obvious difference in their names, your clients may not realize the distinction between the two is more than just one being hard and[...]

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woodworking woes

Woodworking Woes: Common Carpentry Problems

To the untrained eye, a carpenter’s latest project may look like a piece of cake. A couple measurements here, a few nails there, saw a couple pieces and you’ve got a beautiful new window frame, shelving unit or whatever else[...]

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Florida hurricane

Helping Your Roof Stand Up to the Storm

Specializing in roof framing in Ocala has taught us a lot about what factors are most important in a roof for Florida. We don’t worry about a roof collapsing in because of heavy snow or having to withstand hail and[...]

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