When looking at a wall, we’re going to go ahead and guess that you’re not thinking about what’s going on behind the paint and plaster. (Actually, there’s a good chance you’re not thinking about anything at all if you’re staring at a wall). But those walls aren’t being supported by magic or air, there’s actually a very intricate support system hidden beneath the surface known as framing construction.

At Steve Allen Construction, framing is our specialty, and we’d like to think it’s one of the most exciting parts of building a house. We’ve compiled the basics of framing in this blog to help home owners understand what goes on behind their walls and to help contractors easily explain this part of the building process.

Why Framing is Important

There are extensive building codes for framing a house and for good reason, a properly constructed frame is incredibly important.

Probably the most obvious reason why it’s important is that the frame supports the house. Poorly constructed frames can have a major effect on the structural integrity of a house, leaving the home owner in a dangerous situation. A strong storm comes through and your house could crumble.

Other issues caused by poor framing? Walls that bow in or out, floors that squeak or are uneven, sagging roofs, doors that won’t close, the list goes on and on. As framing subcontractors, we make every effort to avoid these problems.

Types of Framing Construction

Types of Framing Construction

In framing construction there are three main types: western platform, balloon and post and beam. Each type has its own specific benefits and can still be found in buildings today.

Platform Framing

Western platform framing is the most common method as it is one of the simplest and quickest forms of framing. The first level of the home is completely constructed and supported by the foundation. We then go in and use the first level as a “platform” to build the next floor, and so on and so forth. Platform framing uses less wood than other methods and is also safer against fires.

Balloon Framing

Balloon framing is one of the earlier methods but is not used quite as often today. Unlike with platform framing, the wall studs start at the base of the home and go all the way up to the roof. This method became less popular as long enough pieces of wood became harder to find. There is also a greater risk of fire damage in balloon framed houses.

Post and Beam Framing

Post and beam framing is often found in country style or exotic homes. This is because the frames are often left exposed due to their rustic appearance. Pieces of wood are vertically arranged and connected with wood joints and pegs for a beautiful visual architectural element.

Curious about the framing work we do at Steve Allen Construction? In need of a framing subcontractor for your next construction job? Or maybe you just have some questions about framing in general? Feel free to reach out to us on any of our social channels or through our contact form. We’re ready to help.

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