So you’ve decided to do a large-scale remodel to your home. Great! That’s the easy part. Renovations take a lot of hard work and time to be completed, so it’s important to prepare as much as possible, both mentally and physically, for the tasks ahead.

At Steve Allen Construction in Ocala, we do the framing for both new and remodel jobs, so we’ve been able to gather some tips over the years for surviving the process.

Create a New Living Space

Once the remodel starts, your house will become the new home base for construction workers for a very long time. Say goodbye to privacy! There are a few options you can choose from to alleviate some of the frustrations of having so many professionals in your house all the time. One option is to move all your living essentials into one area of the house. This includes things such as your television, computer, microwave and any other item you use daily so you don’t have to cross through construction territory nearly as often. Another option is to get a hotel room or even rent a trailer or small place to stay. These are more expensive options, but they will let you avoid the remodel commotion entirely.

Keep Things Clean

Keep Things Clean

Make sure you talk with your contractor about when trash will be picked up from the remodel site. Different cities have different codes, so it’s important to make sure you’re doing what’s required in your area. In some cases for large remodels, the city will pick up waste for you. To prevent the spread of dirt and sawdust, take advantage of plastic curtains in areas where there is a lot of traffic.

Block the Volume

Block the Volume

The constant noise construction is one of the major causes of anxiety during a remodel. And when you’re already stressed out, any small problems that arise will seem exponentially bigger. Invest in sound-canceling headphones for when you’re watching TV or on the computer, and use earplugs when you are trying to concentrate on a task. Taking breaks from the drilling and crashing noises will help keep you much more relaxed overall.

Be Flexible with Deadlines

If patience is not your strong point, a remodel is going to be a difficult task. Often times, if you push too hard for strict deadlines, the quality of the work will drop. This is not to say that you can’t have deadlines altogether, but rather, be flexible with them. Keep a continuous dialogue going with your contractor and everyone will be happier.

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