Carpentry is a trade that uses a variety of skills, and is very precise in many ways. This is particularly true when it comes to building a home. The carpentry skills needed to build a home depend on the type of carpentry you’re dealing with, which are typically rough, finish and shop carpentry.

As carpentry subcontractors at Steve Allen Construction in Ocala, we specialize in all three of these areas. In this blog article, we share some of the carpentry skills needed to build a home.

Basic Overall Skills

Whether you’re dealing with rough, finish or shop carpentry, there are some basic skills that are used across the board. Two very important skills necessary for home building are the ability to read blueprints and to have working knowledge of mathematics needed for building (such as how to calculate widths, heights, angles, etc.). A carpenter should also have at least some knowledge of what the other specialty carpenters need to complete so that everything will mesh together in the end.

Knowledge of Tools

Know Your Tools

A carpenter must know how to use an assortment of tools, ranging from chisels to saws to drills and hammers. In home construction, where the carpentry work is on such a large scale, power tools are often the tools of choice. A carpenter must not only know how to use the tools, but how to use them safely. Carpentry also requires precise measurements, so knowledge of specialized measuring tools like a carpenter’s square, framing square and caliper is needed.

Know the Materials

Know Your Materials

All lumber is not the same when it comes to building a home, so it’s crucial that a carpenter knows the difference. Sturdy, less visually appealing lumber is used for the rough framing of the house and the roof construction while finish lumber is used for trim and other decorative purposes around the home. A carpenter must know which types of hardware can be used with each type of lumber, including things such as screws or nails. You wouldn’t use a large-headed roofing nail in beautiful new trim! While carpenters primarily deal with wood, they may also have to deal with other materials. At Steve Allen Construction, Inc. we also deal with PVC and composite products.

Gaining Carpentry Skills

If you’re new to carpentry but interested in learning, there are a few great ways to hone your skills. You can find many educational videos on YouTube for practically any basic carpentry project. You can also find plenty of books on carpentry which will help you nail down the lingo. Some communities will even offer beginners classes in carpentry. Just remember to start with small projects and don’t expect perfection.

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