Keeping your construction site clean is not just about aesthetics, it’s about the safety of your workers. Also known as housekeeping, removing clutter and debris from your worksite is not only helpful for your crew, but is required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OHSA.

As framing subcontractors, we at Steve Allen Construction in Ocala, FL understand how important worksite cleanup is for avoiding injuries and fire hazards. Here’s how to properly maintain your construction site.

Separate Your Scraps

Different materials should be disposed of in different ways. Pay attention to the recycling requirements in the region you’re working in and separate your scrap material into piles accordingly. Construction companies are usually required to recycle materials such as wood, metal and sometimes concrete, so make it easier on yourself by already having them in organized piles. You should also keep usable materials in a separate pile so that you don’t end up accidentally throwing them out and consequently wasting money.

Assign Clean-Up Tasks Every Day

Make sure that workers are assigned specific clean up tasks every day on the job. Separate chores such as disposing of litter, disposing of flammable or toxic materials and organizing the worksite at the end of the day. Tasks are much more likely to get done if they are assigned to specific people than if they are assigned to an entire crew.

Always Keep Work Areas Clear

Work areas and walkways on the job site should always be kept clear of tripping hazards such as electrical cords and debris, as well as protruding nails and exposed wires. Diminishing these hazards not only keeps workers safe, but helps you avoid setbacks in completing the job on time.

Keep Trashcans and Dumpsters Onsite

Keep Trashcans and Dumpsters Onsite

Keep trashcans plentiful and invest in a dumpster or two for your construction site. Trashcans will help collect the small scraps that don’t belong in any specific pile while dumpsters can hold the larger non-recyclable materials. Having dumpsters on the construction site from the very beginning, rather than just bringing them in at the end, will make it much easier to keep things tidy all the way through.

Do a Final Cleaning

Do a Final Cleaning

Once you have completed your project, perform a final cleaning. Enlist the help of your whole crew to ensure the site is left spotless. The final cleaning should include sweeping, mopping, washing off any countertops or surfaces, cleaning windows and removing any protective plastics or stickers from flooring and glass. This type of worksite cleaning is all about making a good impression on the client.

Taking these steps will help create a much safer and more productive work environment for everyone involved. Who can say no to that? If you’re looking for a clean and professional framing subcontractor in Central Florida, give us a call at Steve Allen Construction. You can also reach out to us any time via our contact form or social media channels.

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