If you’ve been keeping up with home design trends, you’ve probably noticed an explosion in open floor plans. But despite all the hype, is this floor plan really the right design for your client?

At Steve Allen Construction, we specialize in framing construction for any style of home, so we understand the pros and cons of both open and closed floor plans. Here are some aspects to go over when designing your client’s new home.

Defining Open and Closed Floor Plans

Open Floor Plans

Before we get into the pros and cons, let’s quickly go over exactly what an open or closed floor plan is. An open floor plan is when multiple traditional rooms are combined into one large living space. The most common open floor plan usually combines the kitchen, dining room and living room. A closed floor plan is much more compartmentalized, with each room separated from the others by walls and hallways.

Socialize with Friends and Family

Without a doubt, the open floor plan is more conducive to socialization. A person in the kitchen can easily talk to guests in the living room or sitting around the table. It also creates more space for people to move around during holidays and get-togethers. Without walls taking up extra square-footage, you’re left with more space for easy movement about the house.

More Natural Lighting

Open floor plans win again when it comes to natural lighting. Fewer interior walls means more light can spread throughout the house. If your client is the type that tends to feel claustrophobic or if artificial lighting brings them down, an open floor plan is probably the way to go.

Maintain Privacy

Closed Floor Plans

If your client is big on personal space, they may want to consider a closed floor plan. This is especially true if they work from home and do not wish to be disturbed, or if they have particularly loud and social family members. Without the extra walls, sound travels easily from room to room, meaning everyone is stuck as a part of every conversation.

Customization and Design

While both open and closed floor plans can be customized however you like, a closed floor plan allows for more customization simply because there are more individual rooms. This means man-caves, home offices, scrapbooking rooms and any other personalized space are feasible options. Closed floor plans also let your client experiment with more room design, as each room can be decorated differently from the others.

Remember, choosing a floor plan doesn’t have to be about staying on the cutting edge. Have your client think about what’s really best for their lifestyle. In many cases, a combination of both an open and floor plan is the best way to go!

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