Before building a home, there is certain information every general contractor should discuss with a client before ever lifting a hammer.

As carpentry subcontractors in Ocala, FL, we at Steve Allen understand the importance of knowing exactly what the client needs and wants. Here are some of the things every general contractor should know before beginning a building project.

What is the Schedule?

Having a schedule is an important part of making sure a building project can be done on time. This schedule should be much more than just a start and end date; it should be thorough enough to let you know if you’re right on target, or slipping behind. It will let your client know which days your workers will be onsite and is an important part of showing your client you are a timely, responsible worker.

Will the Location Pose any Problems?

In most cases, your client will want their home or other building project in an area that is easy to access and build on. But if they will be building on a remote or unusual site, you’ll need to research possible issues that arise. Will there be available water, electricity and other utilities? Will the terrain be difficult for your construction crew? Are there specific zoning restrictions? These are all questions that should be discussed with the client.

How Will You Communicate with the Client?

Get in Touch with Client

It’s important to know the best way to get in touch with your client, and vice versa. Perhaps emails are best, or maybe your client can only be reached by phone. You’ll want to establish this before any work begins, lest you get stuck in limbo waiting to get a hold of your client. Having some sort of weekly update or meeting at a scheduled time is a great way to ensure you’re staying on the same page as the client.

What Materials will be Used?

Know the Building Materials

For home framing, lumber is most often used, while for commercial framing steel is the popular choice. But before making these assumptions, it’s important to clarify with the client exactly what materials they would like used. This also includes building materials for flooring, siding and everything in between. You’ll need to know ahead of time if they want to use materials that you’ll need a specific subcontractor for.

How will Change Orders be Handled?

Practically no construction project is going to go exactly according to plan. Material prices are always changing, so it’s important to establish a way for the client to approve and pay for these changes. Your best bet is to always put these change orders in writing, establishing the work they will involve and the cost, then having the orders reviewed and signed by the client. It’s also important to discuss whether the client will need to pay for the changes as they are made, or if the costs will be added to their final bill.

Knowing the answers to these questions will help make your next building project a much smoother process. If you need a framing subcontractor in Central Florida, give us a call at Steve Allen Construction. You can also get in touch with us via our contact form or social media channels.

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