In something as important as the structure of a home or business, we’d like to think that there are very few errors in construction. But unfortunately, some contractors still make these common wood framing mistakes.

Luckily, most of these errors are highly preventable. As framing carpentry subcontractors in Ocala, FL, we at Steve Allen Construction have seen these errors committed. For contractors and our other readers, here are the common framing errors you need to be on the lookout for.

Using the Attic to Collect Exhaust

Improperly Vented Attics

We all know the issues trapped moisture can cause, especially here in Florida. Mold, mildew and structural damage are practically a guarantee in houses with improper ventilation. Excess moisture can also cause framing components to warp and expand, giving your roof an unsightly appearance. Your moisture issue won’t be a secret from the neighbors for long! Putting a few soffit and ridge vents in won’t remove enough of the moisture from your attic either. The framing issue here is that exhaust ducts are being fed directly into the attic, instead of vented outside of the house.

Unsanded Wood Underlayment

Unsanded Wood Underlayment

This error shows up when using glued finished flooring materials. The wood underlayment should always be sanded before the thin flooring materials are glued on top, such as vinyl. This is because the underlayment has a tendency to get beaten up in the construction process. If it is not sanded, these dents, ridges and bumps will show up through the flooring material. By sanding the wood underlayment, you ensure that the flooring material will stay smooth when glued down.

Improper I-Joist Cutouts

I-joists are increasing in popularity due to their ability to be cut to contain plumbing and wiring. Having all the mechanical pieces of a home contained within its framing makes for nice even flooring and ceilings. The common mistake here is when builders go to make these cutouts and end up drilling or cutting into the I-joist’s flange. Once the flange is compromised, the structural integrity of the I-joist is lost forever. Cuts should only ever be made in the web of the I-joist.

Overdriven Fasteners

Improper fastening can lead to both structural and aesthetic issues. Overdriven fasteners can end up puncturing face paper and damaging the core of the board they’re being fastened to. If the board is then wetted with a finish, it can cause the board to bulge around the overdriven fastener. Pneumatic nailers with a depth adjustment should be used to avoid this problem.

Avoiding these common framing issues will save you from callbacks from unhappy clients. If you need a framing subcontractor in Central Florida, we can help. At Steve Allen Construction we’ve been in the business for over 35 years, so we know how to avoid these common framing issues. Give us a call or reach us on our contact form. We’d love to start building with you!

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