If you’ve decided to use a general contractor to build your home, part of their responsibility is to hire subcontractors to help complete the job. Subcontractors are individuals hired to perform a specific task during a construction project. At Steve Allen construction, we are framing and finish carpentry subcontractors, but we aren’t the only guys on the job! Here are the typical types of subcontractors used to build a home.

Subcontractor Supervisor

In many cases, a general contractor will have multiple jobs in progress at the same time. Since they can’t be everywhere at once, a site supervisor can be hired to ensure that the project goes according to plan. A job supervisor is required to be on-site whenever work is being done. As you can imagine, a site supervisor must also be well informed in many areas of the construction process. Other supervising contractors may include those who ensure that the building process is following all local building codes and regulations.

Demolition Subcontractor

Demolition Subcontractors

A demolition subcontractor comes into play when you want to build a home with an existing structure already located on the property. This is a dangerous subcontracting job, as large machinery such as wrecking balls and jackhammers is often used. Explosives may also be used for particularly large demolition projects. Thoroughly check to make sure all members on the demolition crew are licensed and insured!

Construction Subcontractor

Construction subcontractors are responsible for the majority of the building process. They include roofers, framers, foundation subcontractors and all others needed for putting together the structure of a home. Framing contractors are some of the most important subcontractors on the job, as they are responsible for the home’s structure and support.

Mechanical Work

Mechanical contractors are in charge of installing the plumbing, electric, air conditioning and heating throughout the house once the framing and other construction work is compete. It’s important that your mechanical subcontractors are experienced and are reputable, because if they make incorrect cuts in the frame, the home’s structural integrity could be compromised.

Finish Subcontractors

Finish Subcontractors

Finish subcontractors are responsible for the details of a home that make it unique and stylish. This includes drywall, flooring, painting, siding and trim. As finish carpenters, we at Steve Allen Construction specialize in exterior composite and wood sidings, customized trims and moldings, and specialty carpentry additions such as shutters or cupolas. The finish subcontractors are what make a house a home.

Whether you use a general contractor or hire your own subcontractors, it’s always important to know exactly who will be involved in building your home. For a reliable carpentry subcontractor in Ocala, FL, contact us at Steve Allen Construction. We have over 35 years of experience, so you know you can trust our work. You can also bring us any of your carpentry questions on our social media channels!

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