Carpentry as a whole is a trade that involves the assembly, construction and repair of wooden, and sometimes metal, structures. But within this trade, there are two primary types of carpentry: rough and finish.

At Steve Allen Construction in Ocala, FL, we specialize in both forms of carpentry. In today’s blog article, we’ll focus on the ins and outs of what it takes to be a rough carpenter.

Rough Carpentry Basics

Rough carpentry focuses on the framing of a building. This means the carpenters are responsible for the wood or metal support systems the make up a structure’s walls, floors and roof. Think of the frame as the building’s skeleton. The carpenters ensure that the building design meets building codes, follows basic engineering principles and is up to the proper strength standards.

Job Duties

Rough Carpenter Job Duties

A rough carpenter must perform numerous activities on the job. There’s a lot involved in erecting a building! They must know how to inspect equipment and structures to identify any defects or potential sources of error. They also must be able to properly handle supplies so that the building materials are not ruined and others’ safety is not put in jeopardy. Rough carpenters also must communicate with people both on the job and outside the organization, such as other subcontractors or the building owners.

Skills Needed

One of the most important skills a rough carpenter needs may not be what you think – active listening. With something as intricate as the frame of a home, no rough carpenter can afford to miss information. Other skills include mathematics, equipment knowledge, machine repair, time management and complex problem solving. This is not a job for the lazy!

Custom Homes, Tract Homes and Commercial Buildings

Not all rough carpentry is treated the same. Different building types pose different challenges. Custom homes offer possibly the widest variety of work for a rough carpenter. But with that variety comes much more frequent changes to the plan that can become frustrating to keep up with. Tract homes, on the other hand, are much more streamlined. Rough carpenters building these homes work from the same standard plan for every home, but must do so at a much faster pace. Commercial projects are the most rigid and specialized carpentry jobs, usually taken on by bigger companies.

In rough carpentry, there is little room for error and the carpenters must be experienced. To ensure that your next Central Florida framing job is completed using the highest standards, give us a call at Steve Allen Construction. You can also reach us through our contact form or on our social media channels.

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