Light frame construction or wood framing, is the process of assembling dimensional or engineered lumber, with regular spacing. These pieces are fastened together with nails to create walls, floors, or roof assemblies. The most common material used within the construction industry today is, wood.

Steve Allen Construction in Ocala, FL can create customized wood framing for your residential or commercial properties. Last week in part one, we discussed different pieces of frames, and this week we will discuss framing methods and materials.

Older and Modern Framing Methods

Platform framing is the preferred method of constructing wood frame buildings. The floor frame is attached to a foundation, and then walls are raised and fastened to the floor frame. Under this method multiple floors can be constructed more easily by repeating the process. Once the top story has been framed, roof rafters and trusses are attached to the walls to form the roof. Some benefits to platform framing over older methods: firestops occur at each floor, floor frames serve as a platform to build each level and material size is easier to handle.

An older version of framing, called balloon framing, was utilized until the mid-1950s. Balloon framing consists of a continuous run of studs from sill plate to rafter plate. Balloon framing also fastens the floor joists on top of a ledger board which is then fastened to vertical studs.

Wood framing

Different types of material

Engineered lumber is becoming more popular every year. With less public forest timber available, additional methods have been devised. Compared to more traditional dimensional lumber, engineered lumber is a compilation of wood strands, veneers, lumber or wood fibers for additional structural integrity.

With traditional lumber being sized based on the timber cut, engineered lumber can be fashioned in any shape and size to provide more flexibility and ease of use. For example, engineered lumber can distribute weight along the grain strength of the wood to carry greater loads over longer spans, which isn’t always possible using solid sawn wood of the same size and length. Even though engineered lumber can be more expensive, you can save a lot of money in labor with the ease of installation.

Depending on your project, choosing the right type of lumber can determine the speed and cost of framing your property.

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