Errors happen, but you don’t want these framing errors to be a part of your new home or office building. At Steve Allen Construction of Ocala, Fla. we strive for excellence. Keep reading if you want to learn what errors to look out for.

Common Framing Errors

  • Sheathing errors – Sheathing should be installed over two or more spans or at least three supports. Additionally, sheathing shouldn’t be ripped less than 24 inches. A narrow panel will deflect more than a panel 24 inches or greater in width. These panels are where workers most often walk during construction. Add blocking or edge-support clips to provide extra support for handling heavy loads.
  • Glulam errors – Glulam beams are manufactured in a way to handle stress. When installing an unbalanced beam contractors need to make sure that the “top” stamp is actually facing up to handle the assigned compression and tension of that beam.

5 Construction Framing Errors

  • Inconsistencies – This is usually a problem with flooring. A top complaint is from homeowners is a squeaky floor. A properly glue-nailed floor system will work together as one unit to prevent most floors from squeaking. If the floor doesn’t have the right feel to it, you might need to check the deflection across the entire floor or a callback from the homeowner is on the way.
  • Panel spacing – Most wood structural panels, such as plywood, expand or shrink slightly with changes in moisture content. If expansion is present with tightly spaced panel joints, buckling will occur. To prevent buckling, the panel end and edge should be spaced 1/8 inches apart.
  • Water management – To prevent moisture from entering the building envelope and to allow for proper drying when moisture does intrude.

Avoid the headache and make sure these framing errors don’t happen on your project. This is your investment and should be done to your specifications; make sure you are happy with the work performed.

Whether you are building a new home, office or remodeling, let Steve Allen Construction of Ocala, Fla. help. We have been servicing the Central Florida area for over 35 years and can provide you with the reliability you need. Contact us or connect through social media.

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