If you are looking for a way to spruce up your home, exterior trim a small feature that makes a big difference. There are a variety of styles and type of trim available in today’s market. Dress up your home to make it look and feel new with some added exterior trim.

At Steve Allen Construction of Ocala, Fla., we want to help you choose your new exterior trim. To learn about the different options available, please continue reading the rest of this article.

Types of Trim

There used to be one type of trim material and that was wood. Now, you have a few additional options. Trim and molding products are available in synthetic materials, including composites and cellular PVC. These options are lightweight, last longer, require less maintenance than their counterpart and are easy to shape. Depending on which option you choose, pricing can vary from $5 to $20 on average per foot.

Exterior Home Trim

What to Use Trim for

-You can change the look and feel of a screen door by swapping out a generic door for one with custom trim work and greater detail.

-Exterior crown molding provides complements to the right type of architecture.

-Columns and pilasters can create a nice entry way for a more formal-style home.

-Gingerbread trim and dentil molding can visually spruce up an older home.

Think of exterior trim and molding like accessories to your home’s overall appeal. In comparison, trim and molding are like jewelry and shoes to your outfit – they add an extra touch to turn heads. Set the precedent in your neighborhood by upgrading your trim work today.

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