Carpentry for the Novice Part1

Carpentry For The Novice Part 1

Have you wanted to join the world of carpenters? Are you confused on where to begin? Carpentry can become a very neat hobby and even turn into a full time profession. If you have had interest in carpentry, we’d like[...]

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Moisture Equilibrium in Wood

The Importance of Moisture Equilibrium

If you’ve been around construction, framing or carpentry, you’ve probably heard the words moisture equilibrium. Still, you might not understand what it means, or how a carpenter’s work might be affected by it. Steve Allen Construction of Ocala, FL wants[...]

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Unique European Carpentry Style Buildings

Carpentry Styles From Around The World

It’s impossible to travel anywhere in the world without noticing the difference in carpentry styles. You can see something exciting wherever you go—from old temples in Japan to cramped wooden schoolhouses in the United States. At Steve Allen Construction, we[...]

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