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Steve Allen Construction has over 35 years of experience in the framing, carpentry, siding and trim industries. With so many years and projects under our belts, our team has the knowledge and equipment necessary to build high quality residential and commercial spaces from start to finish. Our mission is to help make Central Florida beautiful by continuing to build homes and commercial projects that are made to last. To see some of the work we have already completed, and to view our current projects, take a look through our portfolio.

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35 Years Experience

Our Services

  • 35 Years Experience

    -Complete roof package to felt stage
    -Complete exterior and interior rough framing package.

  • 35 Years Experience

    -Exterior composite and PVC trims
    -Permacast, Fypon, Spectis Moulders products
    -Customized trims.

  • 35 Years Experience

    -Wood / PVC shutters and louvers -Cupolas and specialty or unique products.

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Flying Trusses on Large Homes

Trusses are the backbone of a roof’s structure, providing support and shape to the overall design. They distribute weight evenly across the walls of the house, ensuring stability and durability. …

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